Open Source

  • Literate programming. A nice idea put forth by D.E. Knuth writing in his monumental TeX system. Preston Briggs wrote a tool called nuweb, a very simple tool allowing to use literate programming ideas for any language. I wrote an emacs lisp mode to support editing nuweb documents in Emacs. You can download the current nuweb.el.
  • Simple UML diagrams. PlantUML is a nice tool to create UML diagrams from a simple text file. I took someĀ  functions defined at by Luca Greco and used them to create a small plantuml-mode.el allowing a few easy operations on a single drawing/all drawings and provides a small templating function (20110922: added imenu support, menu-bar, misc fixes).
  • GMAIL shortcut keys PDF. Quick ref card for GMAIl shortcut keys. Text is google's. Just made LaTeX presentation and PDF version. Get it from: